Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Strategy & Support

These are unprecedented times in the digital landscape as the Coronavirus pandemic disrupts life and business as we know it. If you have not focused on digital/online now is definitely the time.

Support & Development For Business Impacted By COVID-19

Our agency is fully operational and will remain so throughout the pandemic. Our team are accustomed to working remotely and our agency has long benefited from using collaboration and video services online.

We are currently revising our services to help businesses through this difficult time. Below are some of the offers we now have in place to assist and guide you through the months ahead.

Free Digital Strategy

We are currently offering free 30 minute digital strategy sessions via phone or Zoom to discuss your business and appropriate strategies to deploy during the pandemic. If you don’t have an email list or are not engaging with your existing or potential customers, you must start now.

Fast Online Store Setup

We are rolling out streamlined e-commerce stores on Shopify and WordPress to get you trading online quickly. These stores are lean and include just the basic elements to selling your products or services online. We are setting these stores up at a very low cost and can turn them around in hours.

Urgent Web Support

We are currently experiencing a demand for updating and securing websites that have not been well maintained as business owners shift towards prioritising their digital presence. If you need your website updated, additional functionality or security patches installed we are here to assist.

Require urgent help with your digital strategy or website?

For urgent assistance from a dedicated team:

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