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Are you ready to start selling online? Do you have a product range or service that can be delivered virtually? We have been in the e-commerce space since 2003.

E-commerce / Online Store Setup & Support

We have been involved in creating successful online stores for almost two decades, long before the platforms that exist today were available. We are very experienced in deploying stores that are easy to use, rank well in search and perform well in converting visitors to customers.

There are three main platforms we use to design, deploy and maintain online stores. These are Magento, Shopify and WordPress (Woocommerce).


Magento is an open-source software product now owned by Adobe. It has enterprise level functionality and many popular and successful websites choose Magento for their e-commerce solution.


Shopify is a SAAS (software as a service) product that is paid for on a monthly basis. Additionally functionality is added to a Shopify store via apps that charge a monthly fee. Due to Shopify’s simplicity, it has become a popular choice for may online stores.

WordPress (Woocommerce)

Wordpress is an open-source CMS (content management system) that can have e-commerce functionality added to it via a free plugin – Woocommerce. It is quick to set up and offers a range of options for a simple online store.

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