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Do you have an existing Joomla website that needs upgrades, support and on-going maintenance? We've been supporting Joomla for over a decade.

Joomla Support & Development

We have designed and developed a large number of Joomla websites over the past decade and therefore continue to support them today. It is important to update and secure legacy Joomla to ensure your data and visitors are safe. Our main Joomla services are listed below.

Digital Strategy

A well planned digital strategy maps out the objectives of your website. Before starting to design a website, a clear direction of what the website needs to achieve should be considered. Digital strategy includes defining how visitors will find and use your website to achieve your objectives.

Template Design

The right website design helps to set your site apart from your competition consequently creating a great experience for your audience. Template design & development takes into account how the site operates on multiple devices. The website design should convey credibility & include suitable calls to action.

Custom Development

Joomla provides an opportunity to develop custom functionality as an open-source platform. This includes integration into other business systems or features a customer may use. We develop and support custom modules and components to enhance your website.

Joomla Hosting

Secure, fast and reliable website hosting is an important consideration for any website. We support hosting all Joomla versions (including legacy versions) and can provide a custom hosting solution depending on your website or business requirements.

Website Maintenance

Due to increasing cyber attacks, applying the latest security patches to your website is a necessary requirement to ensure website security. For sites running legacy versions this is even more important. Our Joomla maintenance packages provide on-going customised support.

Website Optimisation

Website data analysis provides a detailed insight into how site visitors use your site. As a result of this analysis we make informed decisions about user experience and performance enhancing solutions. One example is by split testing, another is by ensuring mobile responsiveness.

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