11 Tips For Businesses During The Coronavirus Pandemic

There is no doubt that we are in uncertain times. Many businesses we have spoken to over the past two weeks have openly recognised they have not given the digital and online space priority over recent years. If you have a strong online presence then there is a good chance your organisation will survive the next few months. If you don’t have an active customer base or audience you can communicate with, then it may be more difficult.

Below are our recommendations for rapidly increasing your visibility and reach online.

  1. Reach out to your existing customers
  2. Continue to grow your list
  3. Provide frequent updates
  4. Ask for support
  5. Revise your offers
  6. Make transacting simple
  7. Create new content quickly
  8. Change your business model
  9. Offer delivery or online delivery of content
  10. Offer alternate payment methods
  11. Ensure you consider gratitude

Reach out to your existing customers

Reaching out to your existing customers should be the first thing you do in a time of crisis. Depending on your business you may already have a healthy email list, SMS database, Facebook group or another way you communicate with your customers.

If you are not currently marketing to your current or past customers, their details may exist in other systems or databases as well like booking systems, point of sale software or within an ecommerce platform. If you business falls into this category, it’s vital that you export/import that customer data into a system you can use to communicate easily like Mailchimp.

Continue to grow your list

Provide frequent updates

Ask for support

Revise your offers

Make transacting simple

Create new content quickly

Change your business model

Offer delivery or online delivery of content

Offer alternate payment methods

Ensure you consider gratitude