Improving your search engine position #3

By February 25, 2015 Web Design, Website Design

This post is the third in a series documenting how we have worked to increase our own search engine position for our most relevant key phrase. Due to having just a holding page online for an extended period, without any real content our site lost it’s relatively high ranking for “web design Brisbane”.

At the time of writing we are now ranking around position sixteen (the middle of page two). That is a long way from position four hundred (page forty) where we were at the beginning of this process.

Our last post in this series was in mid January and since then we have continued to see some positive movement in our organic search position for our key terms. Below are some of the steps we have taken over the last month.

Creating Content

One of the main activities we have been undertaking is the continuation of updating our website with relevant content. We have posted a number of articles that are related to web design in Brisbane as well as general articles about the process of web design and what we focus on when starting new projects.

We have also continued to build out our portfolio section with recent projects including project descriptions and ensuring all images are tagged appropriately.

This continues to be our main focus for moving forward, creating quality content that is of value to our readers around our main topic area of website design.

If you require assistance in creating quality content for your own business and website please contact us. We have an experienced content writer in our team and we can formulate a content strategy for your individual requirements.

Backlink Generation

Another important factor in search ranking is the number of high quality backlinks (other websites that link back to your website) you have. Over the last month we have worked to create quality links from quality websites and have streamlined the anchor text to make it somewhat consistent.

When we design websites as part of our normal process we will place our link at the base of a website. It will usually contain the phrase ‘web design Brisbane’ and ‘Puremedia’.

Similarly, if we are writing an article to be placed on another website we will link the keyword of focus back to your own website. This provides a vote from the linking website to ours for those keywords.

It is worth noting that this must not be done in an artificial manner. All the content we have created and the links that have been generated have been done so genuinely so that as the search engines change their algorithms, we are not penalised.

The increase in our search engine rankings is testament to the fact that quality content placed on your website in conjunction with quality websites linking back to yours will enhance your position. The focus should definitely be on the long tail here. The more time you spend initially writing great content around your subject area and sourcing high quality backlinks will provide longer lasting results.

If you are looking for a Brisbane based digital agency to assist with your search engine optimisation call Puremedia on 1300 138 427.