Starting your SEO strategy from scratch

By November 12, 2014 Web Design

About a year ago we decided to build a new website for our own web design studio. Our then current website had served us well, delivering traffic and enquiries for new web design work regularly. Then we got busy. Really busy, and the temporary website put in place stayed in that state for around 9 months. We were consumed with working on our clients projects, ensuring they were completed well and while our site was always in the back of our minds, we just didn’t get to it.

Then a few months ago we had a well deserved break from complex and involved web development projects. So we decided to revisit our own website design again. We tore down the temporary website and put in place a nice single page that would be online for a few days while we concentrated all our efforts on building a great new website for our studio.

The same thing happened again. Over the course of a few days we were again deep in two large development projects in Magento and WordPress with lots of custom functionality.

Fast forward to a few months later (now) and the result of focusing all our attention on our clients was that our search position for “web design Brisbane” was almost non existent. Luckily our almost 20 years in the web design industry has provided us with a strong referral client base.

So this unenviable position has given rise to an opportunity to rebuild our search rankings and to record our progress and steps along the way. This post is the first in a series written for two main reasons. Firstly to demonstrate how to get back to the first page of Google and secondly to actually provide some of the content required to do it.